These are two of the best knots to use. I personally like the Palomar knot whenever I am not using a loop knot. See the diagram below for the Palomar knot. It is easy to tie and has a high rated breaking strength which is key when you have that big fish on the line!



When Tying a leader to your main line this is the best knot to use in my opinion it basically the same knot as above, but is down on both sides of the line as you can see in the diagram below. This is how we attach our leaders here at Kayak Charters. We teach these knots and techniques in our fishing classes and in our one on one classes. So if you need help or more instruction book a class or trip with us today! 239-425-7823 or email us from our contact us page using the links to the left.



We use a Canoe Mans Knot to tie our loop knots. Loop are employed to allow smooth movement and proper action of certain lures. Below is a bait using the Canoe Mans Knot, as you can see the tag end of the know is facing downward which aids in keeping the lure weedless. This know has an tremendous rated breaking strength as can land Tarpon over 150 pounds with out breaking. Once again learn these knots and other tips and techniques with our one on one instruction and classes.


Texas rigged finesse bait. Notice the hook point buried for a more weed-less presentation.

This rig is done by putting hook (wide gape style) into tip of bait with bottom of the bait facing the hook. After hook is in tip of bait about 1/4 inch come out the bottom and twist the hook around in the bait and then put hook threw bottom of bait and out the top. If you lay the hook along side the bait you can see where the hook should come in and out of the bait to get it rigged straight like pictured above.


Check out the article on weather from staff writer at Gary Yamamoto’s Inside Line Dominick Greco / Kayak Charters 


Video of new tips, techniques and rigging coming soon! So check back often...